Quick Tip on Warfarin and the INR front

I currently have a target INR of 2.5 and I have regulary achieved this when I have my 4 weekly tests at the anti-coag clinic at the Royal Blackburn Hospital. I am 79% in range since I started taking Warfarin which I believe is the top result in the clininc!

There are lots of reason for your INR to fluctuate; diet / exercise etc but there are three very important ones which cause continued instable INR results therefore you need to control these

Alcohol intake – I don’t really drink Alcohol I never really have
Smoking – I use to Smoke but don’t now
Recreational drug use – hand on my heart I don’t do drugs

Reduce your consumption of Alcohol down to a minimum and don’t binge drink – this must be why you are struggling to keep your fluid retention levels under control

Therefore if you haven’t kicked the cigarettes do so – can’t believe you are still smoking with Heart Failure

Recreational drugs are so a complete no no – do I have to explain this?

Be sensible and use your judgement – your Anti-Coagulant Nurse is always there to answer questions.