Let’s hit the target

As I drove into the Royal Blackburn Hospital and parked up I thought that Pumping Marvellous needed Anti-Coagulation support as I know alot of you out there are on some form of Anti-Coagulation and would probably like to know more about it.

Anyway after hitting my INR of 2.8 which generated a yipeee down the corridor as I really put effort into being within range I have asked Sister Maggs who is actually become a good friend, to help support the patients and pumping marvellous. She has agreed to recieving emails of which she will answer questions on anti-coagulation and especially warfarin management. We will be adding a link to the site to help you communicate with Maggs.

We will also try and bring the Pharmacy into the fold so you can ask questions about your prescribed drugs.

As always we are trying to stay innovative and focussed on bringing targetted patient care to Heart Failure patients.