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Bake your own Bread and Heart Failure

Anybody who has Heart Failure is constantly counting the salt numbers all the time and it isnt surprising that Bread has come up as a “Salt Evil Dooer”. If you have a look at the back of a loaf of bread you will be amazed with the levels of salt in each slice. Also supermarkets who bake their own bread on the premise don’t have to include nutritional information so what is lurking inside each loaf?

As a Heart Failure patient it is very important to curtail your salt intake as more salt intake means higher fluid retention and therefore more work for the heart – not a good recipe.

So Pumping Marvellous recommend you bake your own bread which costs less and is more nutritious as you determine what goes in and leave the lobbying to us.

One bread manufacturer said “that we have to put certain levels of salt in our bread to make it taste good” well if the population wasn’t hooked on salt then you wouldn’t have to. It’s a vicious circle which needs to be broken.

Recipes for you but don’t put the salt in!

Easy White Bread

Rustic Bread

Soda Bread


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