BHF testosterone link to heart problems

The BHF has indicated that there maybe a significant link between testosterone and heart disease and deserves more research.

This excerpt has be taken from the BHF website which has related the article to the British Medical Journal – Heart

New research has shown a link between having both low testosterone levels and heart disease, and dying prematurely. Researchers studied the effects of testosterone on 930 men with coronary heart disease and found twice as many men with low testosterone died compared with those who had normal levels of the hormone.

Ellen Mason, Senior Cardiac Nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said:

British Heart Foundation
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“Although this research highlights a significant link between heart disease and testosterone deficiency, it is not clear if low testosterone is behind poorer survival in men with low levels of the hormone.

“Research involving animals has shown that replacing testosterone can reduce the furring of arteries, so now we need to look more closely at the effect on men. Low levels of the hormone are more common in older men, so studying different age groups will be important.

“There must also be research into the risks as well as the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men and future studies into testosterone replacement need to look at men with heart disease, and those without.”

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