Cardiac Rehabilitation

You maybe saying why are you at Cardio Rehabilitation which is not for Heart Failure; the truth is that my PCT the East Lancs PCT doesn’t offer Heart Failure Rehabilitation at the moment. From what I can gather they are redesigning the course and there is a change in cost centre etc etc and that is why there hasn’t been one for 6 months. With the emphasis now going on the General Practitioner I would be surprised if it happens at all. I find it very poor that something so simple but so effective becomes so complicated to set up and I realise how very lucky I was to attend the Cardiac Rehab course and lets remember these are my opinions as the editor of pumping marvellous.

Anyway My friend Angela Spencer who is responsible for Cardiac Rehabilitation at Burnley hospital ask me to post this text below as she gave it to me at my last class and said post it on “Pumping Marvellous”. Angela is a valued contributor to Pumping Marvellous.

The National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease recommended that Primary Care Trusts should put into place a framework of care so that prior to leaving hospital, people admitted to hospital with CHD have been invited to participate in a multi-disciplinary programme of secondary prevention and cardiac rehabilitation. The aim of the programme will be to reduce their risk of subsequent cardiac problems and promote their return to a full and normal life.

Cardiac rehab has been shown to improve prognosis and function with many people with CHD. Evidence suggests that when cardiac rehab is provided by well trained staff and people are offered comprehensive and tailored help with lifestyle modification including education and psychological input as well as exercise training,cardiac rehabilitation can reduce mortality by as much as 20-25% over a 3 years period.

Have a look at this quote from Professor Lewin of the European Society of Cardiology.

“If there was a pill that cost very little, reduced cardiac deaths by 27%, improved quality of life and reduced anxiety and depression, every patient in Europe would be expected to take it! There is no such pill but taking part in Cardiac Rehabilitation programmes can provide all of these benefits. In the UK only a small number of these in need are offered the chance to take part”

So I hope you read and digest this. I would strongly suggest that if you have not had the opportunity to go on the programme scream and shout until you get the opportunity – but do with little stress