Cardio Trials

We believe everybody should have the opportunity to get involved with medical research that is going to improve treatment and care for future generations.

Awareness of medical research and clinical trials in cardiovascular and specifically heart failure is poor. Our patient communities tell us that many of them have never been approached to apply for a trial, never mind being part of one.

Our innovative platform matches patients with clinical trials that best suit their needs and requirements. It is simple and easy to use, designed by patients, healthcare professionals and researchers.

“This is a huge step forward. That patients can now volunteer to join heart failure trials is fantastic. Specialist heart failure teams can now work with patients to find new treatments for heart failure. Heart failure is a condition that can reduce a patients’ quality of life and lifespan but with careful and thorough treatment patients can have good outcomes. Patients, doctors and nurses working together will further expand our options for people with heart failure.”

Professor Mark Petrie, University of Glasgow and Consultant Cardiologist.

We are currently recruiting for people with heart failure but will be developing the platform for people with all cardiovascular conditions.