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Cardioversion here we come

Just had my initial consultation with Angela Graves my Heart Failure Nurse and Dr John McDonald my cardio consultant who has just set the date for for my Cardioversion.

Can’t say I am completely looking forward to it, I still have an aversion to needles when I have my general anaesthetic but I realise that it could take me out of AF and back into Sinus Rhythm so I suppose this is a really good thing. The only big decision I had to make was taking Amiodarone.

Amiodarone is an Anti-Arrhythmic drug that has some quite perturbing side effects and I will let you investigate that. It has a half life of 45 days which means in layman’s terms it doesn’t get into your body for 45 days and therefore takes a long time to exit as well. Therefore John McDonald and I have agreed that I start off on 200mg of Amiodarone and continue this until I get my Cardioversion on the 25th November, if I don’t make it into to Sinus Rhythm and stay in AF then I will come off Amiodarone or if I go into Sinus Rhythm then I stay on Amiodarone for 90 days and no more. This is to enable my heart to have the best possible chance of staying in Sinus Rhythm. The reason for taking the Amiodarone before Cardioversion is that it increases the chances by 15-20% of the heart going into sinus rhythm from an electrical Cardioversion. It then keeps the heart stable by trying to prevent a flip over to AF again.

So lets give it a go and keep abreast of my shocking performance!!!!! It reminds me of that Carry on Film Carry on Screaming when Kenneth Williams says the famous line “Frying Tonight”

What I will stress is that to have these levels of discussion you need to have the right relationship with your Consultant and Nurse. Both John and Angela are very supportive but probably think I ask too many questions. Because I challenge my clinicians I am an expert patient – you should try it.


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