Complimentary Supplements and Heart Health

I would never suggest you don’t use your prescribed drugs from your Doctors and Nurses but I am getting very interested in all these complimentary supplements.

Before I had Heart Failure which was caused by a viral attack I was a great exponent of the following supplements –

High Potency Vitamin C
High Potency Vitamin D
Co-Enzyme Q10
Very good quality Fish Oil – High EPA and DHA levels – more expensive than the average but better for you
Plant Stereol supplement

These were taken every morning without fail. Now you may say well you got heart failure so they can’t be that good – well you are wrong. The results of my MRI cardiac scan indicated no signs of heart disease, furred arteries or scaring of the heart. I was just unlucky that a virus, it has been suggested herpes simplex (cold sore) or an influenza style virus attacked my heart.

So as well as my beta blockers, ACE inhibitor, spironolactone, diuretic, digoxin and warfarin I have now started back on the complimentary supplement route.

I now take –

Vitamin C 2000mg per day (1000mg in the morning and 1000mg at approx 6pm)
Vitamin D high potency (1 capsule in the morning)
Fish oil capsule once in the morning (EPA/DHA level is 950mg out of total 1360mg)

I have just bought some 6 hour bovine colostrum which from what I can gather may promote increased density of stem cell production and more, this is a very interesting product. I am just awaiting delivery from the USA.

I am looking to get myself associated with Q10 again, however Q10 is a pro-agulant and this will effect my INR warfarin level. I have researched Q10 for a while now and I came across a site that the kills two birds with one stone. Very good quality fish oil with added Ubiquibnol from Kaneka in Japan. Highly absorbent Q10 with highly refined fish oil as well.

In fact the whole site is excellent and seems to be a quality business. I will buy some and post the results.