Congestive Heart Failure
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Don’t get depressed with Heart Failure

Having Heart Failure myself I fully understand why people get depressed – for me the reasons for this are long and complicated however it is not all doom and gloom and if ou follow this website then it will benefit you as you will see your life in a different. I am not saying it is a substitute for clinical and professional support service guidnace but it is a realistic bolt on. Anyway here is the article.

A recent study has reported that people who have suffered heart failure and are provided treatment for depression are more likely to die, when compared to people, who don’t develop the psychological problem. It has been reported that almost 50% people, who develop the condition after heart failure and are treated for it die within a span of one-and-a-half-years.

The findings were reported after a study was carried out by a team of scientists from Denmark. The total numbers of people involved in the study were around 3,300, who had suffered heart failure. It was also reported by the researchers that people, who were the most likely to suffer a heart failure were prescribed a lower quantity of beta blockers.

Meanwhile, another research that was carried out in the UK has reported that people who suffer a heart failure and are admitted to a general ward hospital are two times more likely to die, when compared to those who receive treatment in a cardiology wards.

The study has already appeared in the journal, Heart and was carried out by a team of researchers from universities and colleges across the country.

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