Model of Influenza Virus from NIH
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Flu Jab

You must be sick and tired of us reminding you but it is very important that you make an appointment to see a Nurse to get your seasonal flu jab. Flu of any type can be very dangerous for people with Heart Failure therefore it is important to protect yourself.  You can also now go to your Local Pharmacy and pay for a Flu Jab. I was in Asda this morning and customers were queuing for their Flu Jabs.

Also make sure that when you see your clinician they have had one to. Believe it or not but some NHS Trusts in the UK only have a 10% uptake, the average is 26% of the seasonal flu jab by members of the Trust which we think is pretty disgraceful considering the “At Risk” patients they work with. So ask the question!

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