Founder speaks to Heart Failure ConferenceĀ Heart Failure Toolkit

Nick our Founder and heart failure patient himself was invited to speak at the North West Heart Failure Nurses Conference in front of 50 representatives from the NHS Northwest region on the 21/11/2012. He was asked to speak about self care in heart failure patients and the new patient system of self care that has been devised by the charity – “The Toolkit”. The Toolkit has been developed by patients, carers, clinicians, rehabilitation practitioners, charities and organisations who have a stake in heart failure. The Toolkit is written in patient speak so it is easy to understand and is not overly technical like the majority of literature that is given to patients.

The toolkit was funded by the NHS North West and is a pilot case that is currently running in the East Lancashire area. On the day we polled the heart failure clinicians on how they thought their patients would want to change the way they were cared for. We managed to get significant valuable feedback that we will be using in later versions.

We are always pleased to be given the opportunity to talk about how patientsĀ perceiveĀ and would want to change the way they interact with their own care as this is the way change is brought about.


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