The worst attitude to adopt with Heart Failure is just take your drugs as the clinician has told you to. As explained in other posts on this site make sure you know what each drug does, the benefits and the the side effects.

When I was in my teens I always wanted to be a doctor but my Maths was not up to scratch to continue my favourite subjects which were Chemistry, Biology and Physics obviously essential to get me into Med school. This is where my fascination with everything medical started. After being diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy in January 2010 I found that I had a real life patient who was very close to home. I was in the Royal Blackburn Hospital cardiology wards for 3 weeks and if you ask people who know me I am not one for standing still so whilst lying their for days on end I decided to find out what all this Heart Failure was about.

I constantly asked questions around the condition, medication and recovery. The Nurses, Doctors and Consultants must have thought they had a wild one on their hands. What I found was that indirectly they knew I was more interested in Heart Failure than the average punter and although I asked a lot of questions there was more than just a prescriptive relationship between their patient and the clinicians. The feedback I got months have leaving hospital was this “your recovery has been excellent because you really worked with us…..”

What I am trying to say is get interested and inquisitive about Heart Failure. Follow these three guidelines and you won’t go wrong.

Always ask questions about the drugs you are taking and what are the potential side effects
Always challenge your Nurse or Consultant if you are concerned or unhappy – you can if you want to!
It is very important that you work with all Nurses, Doctors and Consultants -this will produce the best result

These reason why I am writing this post is that my nails keep breaking and this is down to one of the drugs I am taking. I have found a solution because I know what I am doing!