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We know there will be lots of questions but we would like to be very clear about what we can answer and what we can’t answer. Pumping Marvellous is all about Heart Failure Patient interaction and learning from each others experiences, therefore this website is all about opinion, you could call us Heart Failure journalists spreading the word on our findings. But one thing that is guaranteed is that the opinion we give is from experience of dealing with Heart Failure.

We will not answer questions that you should be asking your clinicians. There is a really important point here though; you need to be strong and firm with your clinicians and that doesn’t mean rude or abrasive we mean if you don’t understand or agree seek understanding and voice your opinion and the worse that can happen is that you are wrong but you will have come away with more knowledge which you can act on. Knowledge is supreme.

We are not medics therefore we will not comment on any individual diagnosis, prognosis or drug related question.

We look forward to your posts and we guarantee we will respond.

Pumping Marvellous UK Heart Failure Charity
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