Have you seen our toolkit?

Our Heart Failure toolkit is the most comprehensive patient self care programme for Heart Failure patients. Where your journey starts at A&E or even your GP through to maybe acute and then into community care, the toolkit is a guide for not only you but also your carer and family as to how to manage your new life and opportunities. Throughout the world we see different methods of engagement with patients from clinicians engaging with patients through a checklist to handing out books to read.

The difference between our toolkit and others is this –

  • It is authored and put together by a Heart Failure patients experiences
  • Subject matter is from patient and carer inputs from all over the world
  • Specialist charities and organisations have written there own sections
  • Clinicians from the NHS Trusts have provided the technical data
  • Companies specialism in heart failure treatments have lent their hand
  • It is geographically transferable
  • It is attractive and engaging for patients
  • It is digitally available to specialist heart failure nurses along with a suite of APPs for tablets therefore enriching the patient experience and self learning.
It is one of those “seize the moment” opportunities where a change to more patient engagement needs tools like our toolkit.
The toolkit is currently being trialed in East Lancashire via an NHS Northwest Pilot. It is  not available until it has been through the qualitative and quantitative measures however if there is anything we can help you with then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Pumping Marvellous Heart Failure Toolkit



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