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Healthy Hearts at Work

A study by the British Heart foundation (BHF) was carried out among 1,383 UK workers. The findings were somewhat concerning.

It was found that overall, 81% of UK office workers fail to get the recommended amount of exercise a week. Some 55% spend more than half their working day sitting or standing still, with 48% eating lunch at their desks.

The health of small business workforces need improving, especially those based in an office environment. Small firms cannot take these recent findings lightly. Simple measures can be put into place to improve the health of staff, which in turn will be beneficial for spirit, morale and attitude.

In addition, 35% of workers don’t want to be seen getting hot and sweaty in front of other colleagues which is one potential barrier to healthy staff.

Lisa Purcell, project manager for the BHF’s Health at Work Programme said:

“Embarrassment shouldn’t prevent people from being healthy at work. The payoffs from even simple changes like taking a walk at lunchtime are too great to ignore.”

“Swapping tea-break biscuits for fruit or getting the team together for a lunchtime kickaround in the car park can improve productivity, reduce staff turnover and mean fewer sick days.”

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