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Healthy Lifestyle Day with Rosegrove Nursery School in Burnley

This morning we were helping the children of Rosegrove Nursery school with making and eating some yummy smoothies made out of low fat milk, low fat yoghurt and fresh berries including strawberries, raspberries and blueberries among other fruits.

The children were having a “Healthy Heart Week” with Pumping Marvellous and the Burnley Healthy Lifestyle Team helping the children with the teaching staff to make them aware of healthy foods and the importance of regular exercise. The children were all set a test, in aid of sponsoring Pumping Marvellous and the BHF led “Heart of Blackburn Appeal” for a new scanner, on Monday to learn 10 different types of fruit and vegeatables and then on Friday they would tell the teachers what they had learn’t. Teachers and parents were asked to sponsor the children based on how many fruit they would remember on Friday. Let’s wish them all good luck because they certainly were getting stuck into the smoothies this morning.

I suppose in the light of the new figures published by Heart UK on the BBC website it makes you realise that especially in the Lancashire area there is a need for education and a different approach as to how that is delivered.

Here is the link to the BBC website

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