Heart Buddy, help for heart failure patients
Help for heart failure patients


We know how difficult it is to get diagnosed with Heart Failure and then having the daunting task of having to live with it along with all the unanswered questions you may have. We also know and appreciate how it must be for your carer. Heart Buddy was set up to tackle these problems. The service isn’t an emergency service. It is run by volunteers who are like you, part of the club. Heart Buddies can’t give you advice on your condition as we don’t play Doctors and Nurses, however, what we can do is help you with your life by talking about our experiences. We can signpost you to services that can help you as they have helped us. We can help you with the contents of the toolkit as we all have one We are a service that wants to help you to learn about your condition and the opportunities and obstacles that exist.

If you want to contact us then call

0800 978 8133 (from a mobile call 01282 778059)

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