Whats all this Colostrum malarky?

Only being new to this Heart Failure stuff as I was diagnosed with Heart Failure in 2010 and being the editor of Pumping Marvellous I am starting to learn a lot things outside my remit. What iI mean is outside my routines and prescribed drugs. After studying some data on arrhythmia I came across information on Colostrum. I have decided after reading a lot of websites on Colostrum and mainly bovine (cow) colostrum that I am going to start taking it. Reasons for doing this are summarised in the text below. As always this may not be the right decison for everybody and I have just seen my Consultant and discussed it with him.

So what is Colostrum?

Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy. Thousands of articles have been written on the health benefits of colostrum. Colostrum has been known to effectively help build the immune system and take care of many ailments and diseases. Now, scientists are learning that colostrum can have huge health benefits for the heart. Recent scientific knowledge shows what dietary supplementation of bovine colostrum taken on a regular basis can do for heart function and physiology. The following article discusses that information.

IGF-1 the Growth Hormone

Bovine colostrum consists of growth hormone that works in conjunction with IGF-1 to help out in the functioning and repairing of the heart muscle. Growth hormone and IGF-1 have receptors found on all heart muscle cells. Research shows that growth hormone may act on the heart directly.

Study shows stimulatory effects come from both growth hormone and IGF-1 on heart muscle cells. These stimulatory effects take place by a pathway of cells that use calcium. When congestive heart failure patients have been administered growth hormone, their clinical status and heart function improved.

Quality Colostrum is Safe

As Colostrum and milk comes from the same source, lots of people think that colostrum is a part of milk. This general belief could not be further from the truth. It is true that colostrum and milk come from the same source, though they are fundamentally different. The truth is that colostrum and milk are two completely different substances. Colostrum comes first from the mother then milk comes second. High quality colostrum has virtually no milk present. There is a stage when both milk and colostrum are mixed together. Bovine colostrum contains no cholesterol and can be used by patients with high triglycerides and high serum cholesterol. For this reason, those that have cholesterol problems should try to find out the highest quality colostrum.