Heart Failure and Colostrum

As promised I agreed to keep you updated on my progress with colostrum. The colostrum I am taking is from an American Company called Synertek.

Well I have been on the bovine colostrum for a week now and this is what I have discovered down my mootastic journey.

I have been taking ranitidine ever since I left hospital which was 5 months ago and I had a chat with my consultant John a couple weeks ago about coming off ranitidine as I am always trying to reduce my drug intake as you can well understand. So we agreed I should try it for a week and see how things transpired. Now considerng I have a relativley high dose of drugs and I hadn’t had any indigestion or heart burn since I came out hospital then this was a little test.

Anyway on a Sunday morning I decided to come off the ranitidine. It is important to understand that before Heart Failure etc I had a cast iron constitution, hot and spicy food was never a problem and I had never taken anything for indigestion or heart burn in my life.

Sunday – at the end of the day I started getting slight indigestion and a few little burps. I had not experienced this since coming out of Hospital.

Monday – the very mild unpleasantness started to get a little more uncomfortable but very manageable. Remember I am giving you a very sensitive understanding of what was happening.

Tuesday – a little bit more power to the indigestion and burps – still very erratic though – went to see Angela for my monthly check up which went very well – still had indigestion but didn’t mention it as I was very keen to push through any issues.

Wednesday – No change in indigestion and burps. Colostrum arrives in the post from the USA from Synertek. Read the instructions and immediatley went for 2 weeks of high dose in the system and then scale it back to the normal recommended dose of a quarter of a level teaspoon 3 times a day. I took my first colostrum at around 7pm and by maybe 10pm my indigestion disappeared.

Thursday thru to Today (7 days) – No indigestion and no acid and no burps even after I visited one of my favourite Kashmiri restaurants ever called Mumtaz in Bradford; I would like to see their web guys analyse a hit from Pumping Marvellous.

Anyway so far so good on the colostrum front. From what I have read I won’t start seeing the results from Colostrum for at least 8 weeks as it needs time to build up in your system. I am looking forward to the 8th week. I will keep posting all the info I can on Colostrum and my experience of it.