As you may or may not know if you have Heart Failure it is very important to manage your fluid intake. Generally 2 litres of water is the recommended intake but as the summer kicks in and the heat starts effecting your desire for more fluid stop right there. I am just about to go through my first summer with Heart Failure and believe me it is a challenge to keep the fluid intake to 2 litres per day. I dragged my family or they dragged me around New York at the start of June where the temeratures were 85 – 90 degrees and this was a test of my ability to manage my fluid intake. In the heat you also need to be aware that you will probably be on some form of diuretic which is taking fluid out as well but also with the added increased perspiration due to the heat.

So my little emergency kit consists of the following to help me deal with the heat. I have an emergency kit in each of the cars, in the office and in the house. When I went to New York I had a travelling kit as well – luckily I got through customs without being attacked by a Spaniel:-

Stay in the shade
Boiled sweets are great – old school style – my favourite sweetie website
Lolly ices
Fresh Strawberries

Obviously these sweets are full of sugar so go easy on them and if you are diabetic you can get some great sweets from here.