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Heart Failure and Holdiays – Sensible in the Sun

There are some unique points you need to observe and they revolve around fluid, exposure and heat and then the normal things apply.

Ok around fluid – It is important you manage your fluids even when it is scorching hot. Be very careful how much fluid you take on board, however not being able to advise you on this as everybody is different ¬†one of the methods to employ is to buy an atomiser, when you feel thirsty spray your water filled atomiser in your mouth. It really stops your thirst and you don’t take on lots of fluid.

If you are taking amiodarone stay out of the sun as much a possible and if you have to go in it cover up as it will make your skin photsensitive which means it will burn no matter what you do.

If you are taking betablockers you will be generally more susceptible to changes in heat, therefore where you can stay out of the heat do so.

Ok reference the general advice –

To avoid sunburn, the most important thing you can do is protect your skin. You can enjoy the sun safely by using a sun protection factor SPF of 15, spend some time in the shade and wear a t shirt and hat. Apply plenty of sun cream around your shoulders, neck and arms and then move onto your body and legs. Always follow the instructions on the back of the product, if you swim reapply regulary. Don’t forget your eyes so always wear 100% UVA protection sunglasses.

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