Salt and Heart Failure
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Heart Failure and Salt Intake

We are always harping on about too much salt and that as a Heart Failure Patient you need to cut down to 2g per day which is approximately 1/3rd of a teaspoon. I know this is low but we have cooked without salt for years now and you don’t need to add it. However you need to be aware that salt is naturally occurring as well and their are foods that are naturally high in salt. We have compiled this list for you so that you can bear in mind what you are eating and the potential salt content.

High salt foods

These foods are almost always high in salt. To cut down on salt, eat them less often or have smaller amounts:

  • anchovies
  • bacon
  • cheese
  • gravy granules
  • ham
  • olives
  • pickles
  • prawns
  • salami
  • salted and dry roasted nuts
  • salt fish
  • smoked meat and fish
  • soy sauce
  • stock cubes
  • yeast extract

Foods that can be high in salt

In these foods, the salt content can vary widely between different brands or varieties. That means you can cut down on salt by comparing brands, and choosing the one that is lower in salt. Food labels can help you do this.

These foods include:

  • bread products such as crumpets, bagels and ciabatta
  • pasta sauces
  • crisps
  • pizza
  • ready meals
  • soup
  • sandwiches
  • sausages
  • tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces
  • breakfast cereals

We hope this helps and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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