Heart Failure and the Wii

It was the last day / session at Cardio Rehab and I will really miss the team, Gemma for the workouts and motivation and Angela for looking after me and taking my pulse and trying to make sense of the AF readings which completely confused the heart rate monitor when I was in full workout mode. Of course my sincere thanks to Angela Graves my Heart Failure Nurse for the referral which she didn’t have to do because Heart Failure rehabilitation doesn’t exist in the East Lancs PCT due to lack of budget. We had to fight for my place on the cardio rehab programme but it definitely paid off.

After the physical element of the programme the team got together and discussed various areas of help and improvement for MI patients and this week it was exercise. Now without running through the 30 mins in detail we all agreed how the Nintendo Wii has revolutionised exercise and if you do it with children then it gets even better. The Wii ticks all the boxes for good aerobic exercise, there is Wii Fit which is great and also dancing and karaoke style games . These are all good for your heart. Obviously there is a cost but some of the older games are very cheap indeed so enjoy and get the kids involved its just an uplifting experience.