Heart Failure and Wii Fit

I have taken the plunge and have used some of our long overdue Amex points to secure and become part of the Wii revolution. If anybody who knows me really well they will know I hate Gyms, in the past they have been a complete waste of money as all I do is get bored and I mean get really bored. So we have invested in a Wii Fit Plus

Now excuse me, but I don’t want to be seen like the “Redknapps” in their TV commercials – you will only know this if you are from the UK as they are a famous footballing family. However it does lots of things that are really beneficial to my condition.

At the moment my exercise regime / war of attrition consists of 3X10 mins sessions with 5 min warm up before starting per day. One session is based on cardio, the other stamina and the last strength. These sessions are broadly based on the cardio rehab programme I have just completed. These are in the morning, when I get home from work and before I go to bed. The challenge will be on how to incorporate the Wii. What is good about the Wii Fit is that before you start it asks you for your measurements and it also weighs you. This is very helpful as if you have heart failure weighing yourself everyday is very important, so why not have some fun whilst doing it.

All in all I am looking forward to utilising the Wii Fit Plus and as Jemma said who is a physiotherapist in the East Lancs PCT – “The Wii has and will continue to revolutionise exercise, you bring the gym to your front room”