Heart failure aware

Here are some of the latest images from our intrepid adventurers who are raising heart failure awareness by climbing Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro. You can follow their adventure on our facebook campaign page heart failure aware¬†or on twitter by searching #HeartTrek2015

Here is a snippet of their Day 6 update


“We are sat at evening tea, after the hardest day yet – the Barranco Wall – Hard, hard day and all exhausted! We are feeling strong and MARVELLOUS though, and ready to head to Barafu Camp for summit start around midnight tomorrow. Trying not to think about that yet, but it is drawing near! We are extremely dirty and rocking some interesting hair doos! HOPE to have better signal for remainder of the trip, but can’t be sure!”

Today holds a steep descent into the bottom of the Great Barranco valley (3,900m.), sheltered by towering cliffs. A short climb up the famed Barranco Wall leads to an undulating trail on the south-eastern flank of
Kibo, with superb vistas of the Southern Icefields. The terrain is volcanic scree, with pockets of lush vegetation in sheltered hollows, and a powerful sense of mountain wilderness. Our next camp is at Karanga (4,000m.), the last water point on the approach to Barafu, in a narrow valley.

Raising awareness of heart failure is so important. Did you realise that 1 in 5 adults over the age of 40 will develop heart failure and the prognosis is worse than most forms of common cancer. Often referred to as the “cinderella syndrome” heart failure needs significant investments to ensure that people who suffer from it have the best quality of life due to access to the latest innovative therapies and help in self managing their conditions.