Heart Failure awareness survey – Great Britain – Question 2

Question 2: Distinguishing symptoms of old age from symptoms of heart failure

Of the list of physical symptoms below, please indicate those which you believe are signs of NORMAL AGING.

  • Shortness of breath (during activity, at rest or while laying down)  (heart failure)
  • Difficulty moving properly (for example walking up stairs) (heart failure)
  • Forgetfulness (old age)
  • Hair loss (old age)
  • Loss of height (old age)
  • Swollen ankles (heart failure)


85% (854 out of 1000) of people mistook at least one of the potential symptoms of heart failure  for the normal signs of ageing

Heart Failure awareness survey: Great Britain

TNS UK Limited, March 2014. 11,000 members of the public aged 50+ years old in Europe

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