Global Heart Failure awareness week is about building awareness of this serious condition that effects upwards of 23 million people across the world, these are just the diagnosed ones.

Heart Failure is a serious condition caused by the heart pumping inefficiently therefore not getting the blood around the rest of the body at the right presure.

It usually occurs because the heart muscle has become too weak or stiff to work properly.

If you have heart failure it does not mean that your heart is about to stop working. It means that your heart needs some support to do its job, usually in the form of medicines.

Breathlessness, feeling very tired and ankle swelling are the main symptoms of heart failure. However, all of these symptoms can have other causes, only some of which are serious.

The symptoms of heart failure usually develop quickly (acute heart failure), but they can also develop gradually (chronic heart failure).

Heart Failure Global Awareness Day
Heart Failure Global Awareness Week
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