Iron Deficiency
in Heart Failure

Iron Deficiency in Heart Failure

We thought we’d explain to you what Iron deficiency in heart failure is. Iron is vital to our bodies.

Was does it do?

It is used to make red blood cells. These help store and transport oxygen in the blood to all parts of your body.

Iron Deficiency in Heart Failure

It is prevalent in patients with heart failure and is often neglected. It is an independent predictor of outcomes and a major contributor to exercise intolerance, even in the absence of anaemia.

Iron deficiency is a lack of iron and could lead to Anaemia.

Anaemia is caused by a lack of iron and is a condition.

We have now begun to realise that some patients with heart failure are unable to use iron correctly. Either being able to absorb it or being able to use it for what the body intended.  It would appear that heart failure may cause iron deficiency. This may make the symptoms of heart failure worse.  Looking at the link between iron deficiency and heart failure is part of ongoing research. You may find that your clinician will check your iron levels. They look at your ferritin levels. This can be completed with a simple blood test.

If your ferritin levels are found to be low your healthcare professionals may arrange for you to receive iron therapy treatment. This involves having an intra-venous infusion (drip) over maybe a couple of sessions over a period of time.

Our video below

Below you will find a video. We have completed it to help people understand iron deficiency in heart failure and why it is important.

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