Happy-Halloween - Heart Failure Needn't Be So Scary

HALLOWEEN: Heart Failure Needn’t Be So Scary

Patient-to-patient support is a valuable and under-utilised resource: Heart Failure needn’t be so scary!

Halloween may give you the collywobbles, but heart failure can be very frightening for patients… especially when newly diagnosed.

29 million people worldwide are living with heart failure, the majority of whom will have had their worlds turned upside down, at diagnosis, and for a considerable period post-diagnosis. It can take time to fine-tune tailored medical treatment, to get to grips with your new routine, to develop the ability to confidently monitor your symptoms, and to know what to do when things change, heart failure needn’t be so scary.

Positive self-management, in partnership with healthcare teams can improve quality of life, and Pumping Marvellous can help signpost the way. Our Patient Educators (patient experts) are on hand to lend support, and understand what you may be going through, all having had a variety of similar experiences.

When patients find us, a common story is that they feel isolated and alone, (some for many years) having had few to talk to about their concerns or to ask questions. Entering our closed-support group feels a lot like coming home. Patients are more able to manage their own health when provided with the right information to manage their condition, good communication with their healthcare team, and the confidence to do it. Patient-to-patient support can help motivate, as well as being a valuable, and much-needed emotional support.

Heart failure needn’t be so scary – we’re here to hold your hand, which is the basis of our online Halloween campaign…

Our digital team, (who are also living with heart failure) have excelled, producing our latest fun, and powerful creatives.

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Pumping Marvellous Halloween Spooktacular :: Heart Failure Needn't Be So Scary

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We’d like to wish you all a Healthy & Happy Halloween!