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Heart Failure Patients go remote

Although we have covered this subject before it looks as though Wakefield District Community Healthcare Services is going to have another stab.

Wakefield District Community Healthcare Services (WDCHS) has signed a partnership trial with BT for a system that enables patients with chronic heart failure to self-monitor.

The Intel Health Guide allows patients to record information about their health such as blood pressure, oxygen levels and weight, which is sent to a nurse over the patient’s broadband line for analysis.

NHS Wakefield District CEO Alan Wittrick said feedback had been positive. “Patients have said they feel more in control of their condition and in some cases it has transformed their lives, although we appreciate this won’t be the case for everyone on the trial,” he said.

The health guide also has videoconferencing, which enables healthcare professionals to hold consultations with patients from their computer.

Technology that enables patients to monitor their own conditions could help the NHS meet part of its £20bn cost-savings,said Department of Health CIO Christine Connelly at a health conference in October.

The trial runs until February, after which a decision will be made whether to use the service permanently. BT will manage the installation and the service.

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