Heart Failure Petition

Legal right to 2 week review of patients with suspected heart failure (HF)

he 2010 NICE guidelines recommend that patients with suspected HF should be reviewed by a specialist – within 2 weeks for urgent cases. Patients are presently waiting up to 20 weeks for specialist assessment.

The Government should ensure that this recommended right to a review within 2 weeks is set out in law.

Many heart failure patients have poor outcomes, with 1-and 5-year mortality rates worse than some of the most common cancers.

In 2010 it became a legal right of NHS patients with suspected cancer to be seen by a hospital doctor within 2-weeks of a GP referral.

We request that NICE quality standards are implemented with the same vigour as they are in cancer, and for the government to legislate that high-risk patients with suspected heart failure are seen by a specialist within 2-weeks of referral.

This Petition has been developed by Dr Fozia Ahmed – Consultant Cardiologist Specialising in Heart Failure and Nick Hartshorne-Evans CEO of the Pumping Marvellous Foundation.