Heart Failure Support Groups

I keep getting asked what Pumping Marvellous is so I have written a concise purpose and understanding of what we do.


Pumping Marvellous is a patient led support group for Heart Failure Patients currently in the East Lancs area. It delivers its support through a website called “pumpingmarvellous.com” and has started a programme of patient forums around the targeted area. Next year we will see the launch of the Pumping Marvellous Webinar and it’s formation to charity status.

What will it achieve?


A need for Pumping Marvellous was identified by a heart failure patient in February 2010 that quickly needed to address support and care of a non clinical nature after initial diagnosis for heart failure patients in the east lancs area. As of yet we have not found any support function of Pumping Marvellous’s kind outside the clinical element of treatment for Heart Failure. There seems to be support functions for cardio care in general and MI but not for the broad range of clinical conditions that sit under the umbrella of heart failure.

As you are aware there are various levels of “heart failure” but what every patient needs who has a life long chronic condition is support and a friendly arm. However it’s effectiveness goes deeper than this as pumping marvellous is designed to create expert patients and if the patient is either too unwell or in denial then it will create expert carers. It will achieve this though it’s website, forums and webinars. Pumping Marvellous will be a staple part of every heart failure patients extra curricula care.

Already Pumping Marvellous since it’s birth in July 2010 has over 150 articles on the website that are designed to inform and help both patients and carers. This number is being added to everyday therefore it is up to date, relevant and pertinent to the patients condition. It is a wealth of resource for heart failure patients to challenge their current situation creating positive situational outcomes and wellbeing. It has allowed the author to manage his condition by the level of research that needed to be put in.

The other angle which seems to be cropping up when you talk to patients is diagnosis by GP’s. We are not suggesting that the GP’s don’t know what the tell tale signs of heart failure are, we just want to raise the awareness and for approx £7 the BNP test will clear up any confusion surrounding diagnosis with results back into the GP surgery within 24hrs. Pumping Marvellous will raise awareness through the GP surgeries to the Patients with your help. The quicker it is identified the better the potential prognosis.

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