Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain your current size, it all comes down to calories. Calories in must equal calories out to keep your weight steady;

Healthy Hearty Food
Healthy Hearty Food

and to lose a few pounds, you must burn more calories than you eat. Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, healthy eating often falls apart at portion control. Without watching how much you eat at meals — and how much you snack in between — you run the risk of overeating. The following tips can help you eat less and keep your calorie intake in check.

    1. Measure Portions to Prevent Overeating
    2. Count Every Snack
    3. Limit Nibbling on Food While You Cook
    4. Put It on a Plate – Put all your food on a plate, make sure the plate size is the same all the time. Don’t eat out of bags etc
    5. Choose Filling Foods – Lean proteins like fish and chicken as well as wholegrains are very good
    6. Don’t Put Extra Food on the Table – Make sure you use the put it on a plate method
    7. Cut Your Meal in Half – Dining out prodcues huge portions – take a doggie bag home with you
    8. Slow Down and Enjoy – Concentrate on healthy eating by taking small bites, chewing thoroughly, and enjoying your food
    9. Don’t Forget to Drink Water
    10. Listen to Your Body – Don’t use food as a way of managing issues or opening a bag of crisps because you are watching TV or popcorn when watching a DVD
    11. Cue Your Taste Buds: The Meal Is Over – Many of us don’t feel a meal is complete without dessert. Try retraining your taste buds. Healthy eating means knowing when to stop.
    12. Do Your Homework  – Do you know what a portion looks like – click here
    13. Don’t give up – stay focussed and your body and attitude will train themselves

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