3D EchoCardiogram

3D EchoCardiogram demonstration at the Royal Blackburn Hospital

The official launch of the “Heart of Blackburn” appeal happened 0n 19th May 2011 at the cardiology department of the Royal Blackburn Hospital. The appeal needs to raise £128,000 to purchase this new machine.

So why does East Lancashire need this machine?

EchoCardiographs are a specialised test which look at the strucutre of the patient‘s heart. A probe is placed on the chest and a pulse of high frequency sound is passed through the skin. The echoes reflected by the pulse show as a picture on the screen. The images provide extremley accurate and detailed information about the structure, valves and pumping action of the heart, helping Doctors make more informed and speedier diagnoses. Dr Emily Ho says “The new machine will enable patients to be seen more quickly, to expedite their treatment and this ultimatley saves lives.

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