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Our Christmas Tree was looking a little bare… so we asked the HF Community, awareness advocates, clinicians and stakeholders to come together to spread their #HeartFailureHOPE this Christmas, and sharing their [achievable] goals for the next 12 days, 12 weeks or 12 months!


See each HF HOPE by clicking a bauble, or CLICK HERE to scroll through the growing number of pledges below.


SHARE Your #HeartFailureHOPE or Goal With Us by Email, or on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll add your HF Goal to our Marvellous tree…
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Nick Hartshorne Evans – Pumping Marvellous CEO, Founder and HF patient
“My heart failure goal in 12 months is to increase the availability of our patient materials from over 60 HF teams currently to over 100!”
See Nick’s #HeartFailureHOPE on facebook


Claire S. – Peripartum Cardiomyopathy patient
“My pledge in the next 12 months is to get another national magazine to publish my story to raise awareness about Peri Partum Cardiomyopathy. It was very hard for me as brought back so many horrible memories from my diagnosis. I have already had my story published in NEW! Magazine”
See Claire’s #HeartFailureHOPE on facebook


Fleur L. – Heart Failure patient
“My [HF] goal is to be more proactive in my treatment and to regain and retain physical, mental and emotional good health.”
See Fleur’s #HeartFailureHOPE on facebook


Stuart M. – Heart Failure patient
“My goal is to fulfill my wishes & dreams that I cant do now… if I get the transplant.”
See Stuart M’s #HeartFailureHOPE on facebook


Bear R. – Heart Failure patient
“[#HeartFailureHOPE]12 month goal is to increase my increase my daily walking and general health so that next Christmas I can be more physically and mentally happy… it’s not been great this year…”


Jacqui L. – Heart Failure patient
“My goal is to get my weight and cholesterol lower to help get me a bit more healthier”


Deborah B. – Heart Failure patient
“My [Heart Failure] goal is to overcome all the obstacles that come with living with heart failure.. To face and accept the challenges it throws at me and to come back stronger and more positive than ever! Also to be more pro active in raising awareness of this sometimes debilitating disease….”


Cynthia P. – Heart Failure patient
“My goal is to get my head around this new diagnosis, and to live a healthier life. I have already joined weight watchers because I must lose weight. I need to get fitter to enable me to enjoy a holiday in Scotland that we have just booked. x”


Heart Research UK – Pioneering Medical Research charity
“To find a test to identify people at risk of muscle stiffening in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), so that they can start treatment sooner for a healthier life.”
See Heart Research UK’s #HeartFailureHOPE on facebook


Imogen R. – Heart Failure patient
“My GOAL: To continue what I’m doing for my severe Heart Failure; Try and stop getting admitted into hospital every time I catch a virus. 
… And go somewhere nice for my 40th next March. 
… And hopefully 2017 is a better year so I can get off the roller coaster of emotions.”


She T. – Heart Failure patient
“My goal for everyday of the year is to make myself more responsible in maintaining my medicines. I know its not a good practice to stop whenever i feel good and resume whenever I feel awful again.”


Sally R. – Heart Failure patient
“My goal is to lose another 5kgs of weight and keep it off!!! I have lost 8kgs so far, although I don’t think the great array of restaurants in Leeds is helping ????. I also want to continue to improve the lives of those in my community. I feel very blessed and want to share the love.”


Annette T. – Heart Failure patient
“My [Heart Failure] goals for 2017 are to keep myself as healthy as I can & live life to the full… I’m going to Austria skiing in March 2017! To improve support services for Heart Failure patients & encourage Organ donation.”


Gail P. – Heart Failure patient
“My goal is to visit New York next year. It will be a dream come true xx”


Mark W. – Heart Failure patient
“My 12 week and my 12-month aims are pretty much the same, I want to smash my target weight and maintain it all the way through, I got out of hospital today(short spell this time) and went to weigh in and got my 4 stone award in slimming world and 11 stone in total with just 2 stone to go for my target weight.”


Stacey S. – Tetralogy of Fallot patient (via Twitter @futuremrssivy)
“My is… to understand heart failure more and make lots of memories in 2017.”


Steve M. – Heart Failure patient (via Twitter @smacari)
“My goal, to lose weight and get the blood sugar level down! Merry Christmas to all patients!”


Roxanne W. – Heart Transplant patient (via Twitter @roxannewatson74)
“[My #HeartFailureHOPE] Hoping never have CHF again with my new heart & wishing others prevent that being where I was”


Jan Darby – Heart Failure patient
#HeartFailureHOPE is] to continue to lose weight and perhaps be less breathless


Patricia Mattin – Upcoming cardiac implant patient
Hoping my icd procedure in January will renew my life.”


Jeff Davies – Heart Failure patient
“[My #HeartFailureHOPE is] to reduce my medication and enjoy cycling with my wife


Flor Angel – Heart Failure patient
The doctors told me that they cannot do anything for me anymore.
My goal is to prove them wrong!!”


Helen Bolton – Heart Failure patient
My #HeartFailureHOPE is to fully recover from endocarditis & open heart surgery next week, and then spread awareness amongst the public & healthcare professionals.


Linda Vincent
My #HeartFailureHOPE is to be more positive, relax, and lose weight x


Ross David – Heart Failure patient
After a rough year and a half, my #HeartFailureHOPE for 2017 is to stay as healthy and positive as I currently am for as long as possible and never to limit myself or allow other people to limit me on account of this condition.


Jackie Mckenna – Cancer Survivor & Heart Failure patient
As a cancer survivor and now in heart failure my goal for 2017 is to stay strong keep faith increase my ejection fraction reduce fatigue and enjoy life! Jackie Mckenna


Rob Marchment – Heart Failure patient
“My HF goal for this year is to live with the energy and inspiration that comes from knowing that, for people like us, it really is ‘one day at a time’ and that we really do have positive choices we can make about how we live each of those days…”[/ww-shortcode-fancy-box]