HOPE for Heart Failure Patients

One of supporters has kindly shared her story about her new device – The Cardio Fit which links to the Vagus

Cardio-Fit device for Heart Failure
Cardio-Fit device for Heart Failure

Nerve to increase pump function – This is a worldwide trial, ask you r cardiologist about your suitability for the trial. They are being performed at centres across the UK. You will see the Cardio-Fit device on the patients right and a CRT-D on the patients left. ( Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy)

“In November I was reading an article in the Daily Mail about a trial for a new device, called a Cardio Fit, which works by using the Vagus Nerve. I posted it on the Pumping Marvellous Patient page and it was something we talked about on the page. After discussing it with some patients I decided to contact my Cardiologist, nothing ventured nothing gained. Two weeks later I was going through the suitability process. This consisted of various tests, Exercise, Echo, Bloods. X-rays, Nerve and Arterial scan to check if I was suitable along with a questionnaire about my life and my expectations. The whole procedure was painless and my case was then put forward to selection. A few days later I was told that I had been accepted for the device arm of the trial. I was excited but also very apprehensive, this was medical science at grass roots level. The operation was arranged for 2nd January 2014.

On the 2nd January I arrived at the hospital and was prepped for theatre. I went into theatre at 1.30 pm, was given a general anaesthetic and at 6pm was out of theatre and awake feeling very sore. I had a huge dressing on the right hand side of my neck and another on my chest. The scar on my neck was about 6 inches, and the one on my chest about 4. The one in my neck was where a transmitter had been fitted to the Vagus Nerve and the one on my chest the control box. I came home from hospital the next day and my neck was very painful, swollen and sore and in fact I had never felt so much pain but that could be due to the lack of pain killers given in hospital. The chest was fine, no different to having the CRT-D. Over the next few days the scars healed very well but the pain and swelling were still causing me problems so I resorted to sleeping upright with chin and neck supported by a cot pillow. The swelling has now gone down 12 days later but my neck is still very tender. I returned to the Hospital for a wound check and x-rays and they are very happy with both wounds. I will return on the 28th January to start the process of turning the device on. The x-rays show both my CRT-D on my left and the Cardio Fit on my right. Thought you’d be interested.”

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