Pumping Marvellous Foundation donate ipads to Blackpool Cardiac Centre
Pumping Marvellous Foundation donate ipads to Blackpool Cardiac Centre



A hearty donation in time for Valentine’s Day

New technology set to support specialist cardiac service

HEART failure specialist nurses in Blackpool are set to receive a very special donation, in time for Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to heart failure medical technology supplier Medtronic and the UK’s Heart Failure charity The Pumping Marvellous Foundation the specialist team at Blackpool Victoria Hospital now have two new iPads to support them in identifying patients who are eligible for specialist surgery and therapy.

The new technology will allow nurses to quickly and efficiently identify patients suffering from heart failure to ensure they are given access to the correct support for their condition whilst in hospital.

The new iPads also have a special pre-loaded application on them which provides nurses with specialist advice, access to NICE guidelines, as well as the ability to access and input in real time to the national heart failure database.

Dr Alison Seed, Consultant Cardiologist and heart failure specialist at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The new iPads will be a real asset to both our service and our patients and the Trust welcome anything that allows experienced, highly valued staff to spend more time with more patients and less time in their office.  We will now have the ability to access patient lists, update records and input data to the national database whilst we are at the patient’s bedside, which will improve accuracy of recording and data collection. “We are very grateful to Medtronic and Pumping Marvellous for this fantastic donation and we are all looking forward to using the iPads as an integral part of our service. “As well as providing access to and the recording of data, the new iPads will give the specialist heart failure team access to the latest research, videos and graphics to show to patients to help explain their condition, treatments, surgeries and therapies and allow them to refer patients to specialist community based cardiac rehabilitation services. Dr. Seed continued: “Heart failure can be a fairly frightening diagnosis for patients but it really means that the heart is struggling to work properly and specific medications and treatments may help to control symptoms and keep patients stable. “The use of the new iPads will allow us to show patients images and videos of hearts and therapies that will really bring to life how the prescribed treatments will have a positive impact on their lives. Using the iPads as an educational tool for patients will enable us to deliver the very best patient care and experience at the bedside.”

Nick Hartshorne-Evans the CEO of the Pumping Marvellous Foundation said “”Supplying iPads to an important North West Heart Centre will enable the heart failure team to engage with and further patients understanding of their condition through technology. Technology can paint pictures which can speak a thousand words.

Self-care is a very important aspect for both the patient but also for the carer and family and these iPads will bring new meaning to how they manage their condition”

“Stimulating peoples thought around their own condition can be achieved through innovative apps and gives them an insight into new ways of approaching their condition and managing their symptoms more effectively. The heart failure team will also not only benefit from more patient involvement but will also be able to support further learning and support from technology apps available to them which will benefit patient care”


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