Iron Deficiency
Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency in Heart Failure Patients

Now before you read this excerpt we are not expecting you to run out and buy a bar of iron, iron filings or iron tablets. Remember the most important thing is you and before you make any changes to your lifestyle and that includes chewing a bar of iron you must consult your clinician.

This extract was taken from Vifor Pharma which is part of the Galencia Group.

Iron deficiency anemia is a condition that significantly impacts an individual’s quality of life and may increase the risk of other health complications, say medical experts. As part of European Heart Failure awareness day, many are urging individuals everywhere to seek iron blood testing to ensure that they do not have the condition.

Studies have shown that one third of all chronic heart failure patients have low levels of iron, and that improving blood levels of the nutrient may have a positive effect on cognitive function, exercise ability and strength.

Therefore, officials from Vifor Pharma are urging more individuals, particularly those with the heart condition to seek iron blood testing and take steps to get more of the nutrient into their system if they are low.

“There is no doubt that iron-deficient anemia impacts the quality of life of chronic heart failure patients, preventing them from undertaking normal everyday activities such as walking which most people take for granted. Many CHF patients with associated IDA are not being diagnosed and treated efficiently,” said Senthil Vel, medical director at the company.

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