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It’s the same old salt

As a Heart Failure patient you have lots of jobs to do and one of those jobs is monitoring your salt intake and understanding why you are doing this. There is a lot of pressure at the moment on reducing the salt in supermarket sold foods but it isn’t enough for Heart Failure patients.

Now there is an easy solution before I continue, don’t eat processed foods, simple as that. Control the amount of salt that you consume by knowing exactly what you are eating. I know it may seem a little obsessive but you are what you eat.

OK so lets say you were in the position that I was in today where I was starving and picked up some processed food from one of the Uk’s largest supermarkets. Naming no names as they are all just as bad as each other and they all say they are on a mission to reduce salt, I walk into one of their hypermarkets and I go and search out the pick them up and go products. I love fish so I went for a small box of Sushi and a rocket and jumbo prawn salad with a smoothie. In most peoples books this is healthy, evening a dietician would agree at first glance. However when I checked the salt content I was amazed to find that this little combo had a total salt content of 4.2g of salt.

Now if you have been following Pumping Marvellous for a while then you will know salt is my pet hate but this is 2.2g over what a Heart Failure patient is to take in a day in one meal. Obviously the supermarkets aren’t aware of over 1,000,000 Heart Failure patients that shop in their stores on a weekly basis and that’s just in the UK!

I was starving so I thought that the taste outweighed the risk as I was going for a cardioversion tomorrow therefore I couldn’t eat or drink any way so that would balance itself out.

But that is where I am wrong – Salt accumulates in your body like a poison so having 6g of salt one day and 0g the next day doesn’t make any difference to it’s overall effect.

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