Lancashire Patient Heart Failure Christmas Conference 2011

Heart Failure Conference

Heart Failure Conference Speakers

Just like to say a big thank you for all the fine work you did with your presentations. I was ever so pleased that we managed to get two great tangible outcomes apart from the great education opportunities all the patients and carers received.

The outcomes were as follows –

Shakil from Carers Contact has engaged with carers on the day and will create a Heart Failure Carer support group just for Carers. This is excellent however we realise without referrals this won’t work and therefore I ask everybody once we hear back from Shakil on the next steps that we support both Shakil and the carers as from what I saw there is definitely a real need – brilliant outcome and you can rely on Pumping Marvellous support.

I thought David and Jason from Northern Dragons  had a tricky job to engage with the patients and their carers however yet again the approach was brilliant and the outcome was full of engagement and when I get home I had two emails from patients on the day wanting to start the Pumping Marvellous Tai Chi Group with Northern Dragons with their carers as well; as stated Pumping Marvellous will pay half of the initial subscription for the first 4 paid lessons. Normal price is £5 therefore we will contribute £2.50 to a total of £10 per patient to get them going with their first 4 lessons which equates to £10 per patient or carer as I think we need to open this up to carers as well.

Eg – 10 patients and carers start, PM will sponsor these 10 people through the programme with a donation of £100 which will cover 50% of the total cost for the first 4 weeks. This should get them going!!! After taking the lead from Dr Joanne Sanderson surrounding the mental processing of weighing up the cost benefit analysis this will probably work to demonstrate to the patients and carers that there is a good health benefit and it is fun,  remind me after my sessions!! only kidding David and Jason.

A big thanks to Dr Joanne Sanderson for travelling from the Cardiac Centre at Blackpool to raise some big awareness issues surrounding the psychological elements of first hearing that you have heart failure and then the management of it going forward. I think we all listened with vigour so thanks very much for the help with this very specialised subject.

Thanks to Mike from CLAHRC in Manchester and we all hope you got the feedback you were looking for with our “Traffic Light” programme and we hope you will go back and communicate the hard work we are all doing and the innovation we are all showing.

Thanks to Beverly from the Cardiac and Stroke Network of Lancashire and Cumbria for showing support and hopefully we can help you going forward where you need patient input etc etc

I think some of us have found a new conference venue so thanks to Victoria at Ozzy Mills Business and Conference Centre for a flawless performance. Thanks for the twitter work as well you kept my thumbs busy on my iphone.

Let me not forget the kitchen at Soulmatefood, follow them on twitter if you want @Soulmatefood or @Soulmatechef – these are our corporate sponsors who make the most healthy and delicious food  and excellent sugar free mince pies, people were asking where they could buy them?? looks like you should start a mince pie company guys! there were only 10 left! shame really!!

At last but not least Angela Graves Clinical Lead for the Heart Failure Team at the ELHT and Beth Baron, Cardiac Practioner at Burnleys Healthy Lifetsyle team – I don’t need to say anything really as you “know me so well”

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