Let us be your Helium

Having an inefficient heart is difficult enough but feeling all deflated about yourself doesn’t help at all. When you are told you have heart failure by your Consultant it’s a big pill to swallow, sorry about the pun but the words failure put you in a spin. As you go through your journey of managing your symptons there are many times when you look back and think how it was.

The Pumping Marvellous Foundation is a truly positive charity where inspiring patients to take a grip of their condition is of utmost priority. We are aware of the many complications and pressures that the condition puts on people, their carers and their families but as a charity we have a steely determination to change how people self management but also how the condition is percieved and try to help you to get your feet firmly planted on the ground. That’s why you should come along to our helium station and start talking to us, we are a friendly bunch…

UK's Heart Failure Charity
UK’s Heart Failure Charity
Heart Failure Helium
Heart Failure Helium
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