The Marvellous Disciplinary Team

What happens when you leave patients to develop their own multidisciplinary team? – Introducing The Marvellous Disciplinary Team


After the launch of Pumping Marvellous in June 2010, and listening intently to other patients and their challenges, we quickly realised that the multidisciplinary team (MDT) wasn’t enabled in HF across the UK.

An out-of-date opinion on the MDT in HF is that it must be clinically focused and that the health professionals lead it. In our surveys and interactions with our ever-growing global patient community, the carer is the most important person in the MDT, and then for those lucky enough to have a HF specialist nurse, and especially those in the community settings, the HF nurse sits at the top of the pile. So patients are the leaders in their own health, backed up by a marvellous team.

Imagine how we could improve hf care by optimising every sector that enables heart failure patients to manage their own health – We call this the Marvellous Disciplinary Team (MDT).

Find out more as CEO Nick Hartshorne-Evans discusses how to optimise the hf MDT; Team Sky and the heart failure pie: how to optimise the MDT