Innovation in
Heart Failure

Innovation in Heart Failure is about moving forward, maintaining momentum in the development of new therapies to help people live their life as best they can. As Heart Failure is a complex condition innovation can appear in many ways.

Innovation may appear as: –

  • Pharmaceutical innovation – new drugs
  • Medical technology innovation – engineering, this may include cardiac devices for fixing mechanical or electrical problems with the heart
  • Digital innovation – how we may use technology to improve our understanding or monitoring of people with heart failure
  • Innovation to access of knowledge and learning – as our lives become centric around wearable tech and smartphones how does information flow to patients and doctors. How to use this to make the conversations meaningful and seamless?

Innovation in health demonstrates an inexhaustible list of progression. The above are just examples of where progression will make a big difference to the quality of life for people living with heart failure.

It could be as simple as ensuring patients are sent home from hospital with appropriate knowledge around their condition. This enables them to take their first steps into managing their own condition. We know it should be done but it doesn’t happen consistently

Innovation is often very much misunderstood in health so here’s the definition.

“To introduce something new”

The important word here is “introducing” as it will have already been “invented”

Below you will find a list of innovative ways of making the lives of people living with heart failure better. We will be adding to this page as we learn about innovation so keep popping back here once a month to see what we’ve found.

It is important to note that some of these innovations are not available across the whole of the NHS as they may not have been through appropriate assessments to give access to the whole of the NHS. Some of these interventions maybe located in certain specialist hospitals which may need a referral from your own cardiologist. Some of these technologies maybe in trial phase.

Bringing hope to patients is very important and we hope this page gives you an understanding that there are new treatments being made available all the time. Any questions please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

MitraClip | Pumping Marvellous


MitraClip is a less invasive way of treating Mitra Valve problems like regurgitation

WiseCRT | Pumping Marvellous


WiSE CRT is a new generation therapy CRT targeting some of the limitations of existing CRT therapy – Trial currently recruiting