New Complimentary Fish Oils

I have just received my new fish oils from New Zealand from a company called Xtend-Life. You can visit their website via the link but I have my fingers crossed over their Omega 3 QH Ultra product. This is a very refined fish oil but it has a special added ingredient called Ubiquinol.

I will keep it very brief but my aim is to increase my ejection fraction percentage. These fish oils are part of my strategy for this reason. Ubiquinol is reportedly 6 times the strength of the normal Q10 which you buy and it is absorbed fully through the intestinal wall without degrading. Normal Q10 is Ubiquinone not Ubiquinol.

Ok this is where it gets complicated – and i have taken this from Wilkipedia – ” In terms of its functions, ubiquinol’s primary roles are in the synthesis of mitochondrial energy and as a protective antioxidant. The vitamin-like nutrient is found concentrated in the inner mitochondrial membrane where it serves as a carrier of reducing equivalents in the mitochondrial electron transport chain’s I and II complexes. In this process, ubiquinol serves to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the main energy intermediate in living organisms.”

In other words it is vital to cell growth and that includes heart cells.

I will update you as and when I have any further information on the fish oils mentioned.