The Patient Awakens - the new global voice for heart failure patients

iHHub is here! The International Heart Hub – The Patient Awakens

16 December 2015:

From today, heart failure patients have a global voice that will be heard – A new global voice for heart failure patient groups.

iHHub was founded as an alliance of patient organisations from North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and works from the centre of the global heart failure conversation to amplify the patient voice.

“The launch of iHHub is an exciting moment for all heart failure patients. Until now, the voice of 26 million people living with heart failure globally was not being heard.” said Nick Hartshorne-Evans, President of iHHub.

“We’re committed to building a global network of patient organisations that will provide support and improve outcomes for people with heart failure.”

 Introducing the global voice for heart failure patient groups

Joining iHHub

Representatives from any heart failure patient group in the world (or anyone interested in setting up a heart failure patient group) can join iHHub.

Members will be able to use our website,, to share experiences, news and resources. They can also promote their organisation via our Member Map.

There is no charge for membership. Find out more about becoming a member and how to apply for membership.


The patient awakens!

Involving patients is critical to reducing the economic, social and emotional burden of heart failure and improves the lives of people with the condition everywhere. Patients are often diagnosed late, underdiagnosed, and are frequently undertreated or inadequately treated for the condition. This needs to change.

We welcome support from all patients, caregivers and healthcare providers to enable better outcomes for patients with heart failure.

Please explore our website, sign-up for news updates and find out more about iHHub, the global voice for heart failure patients.

From original release:

Find out more about iHHub on their website, and discover how they plan to amplify the voice of heart failure patient groups across the world. You can also engage with them on twitter, facebook and iinstagram.