Novartis has had the efficacy of its blood pressure treatment Rasilez supported by new data from a year-long study conducted by the 3A Registry.

The registry, which represents the largest collection of high blood pressure patients in Europe, compared the effectiveness of Novartis’ direct renin inhibitor with other therapies, such as an ACE inhibitor, angiotensin-receptor blocker and a non-RAAS blockade treatment.

It was found that patients trialled using Rasilez showed greater systolic blood pressure reductions after one year than any of the alternatives.

This represents the first time that data has been collected showing the effects of Rasilez among a real-life patient population, rather than in a clinical trial setting.

Trevor Mundel, global head of development at Novartis Pharma, said: “We are pleased to see that this data reflects the clinical results we have already demonstrated for Rasilez.”

Earlier this month, Novartis published its second quarter financial results, reporting an 11 per cent rise in net sales compared with the corresponding period of 2009.