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One third of workers shy away from exercise

More than one-third of workers avoid exercise during their working day because they don’t want to be seen getting hot and sweaty in front of colleagues.

TheĀ survey by the British Heart Foundation also found that more than half the workers questioned spendĀ over half of their working day sitting or standing still. Nearly as many eat lunch at their desks, while just over one in six workers feel they can only take a short break.

Yet at the same time, the charity has also suggested workplaces are the perfect location for keeping fit and active.

Lisa Purcell, project manager for the BHF’ Health at Work programme said: “Bosses need to understand there’s a massive return on investment here. Simple measures to improve the health of your workforce – like swapping biscuits for fruit, or getting the team together for a lunchtime kick-around in the car park – can improve productivity, reduce staff turnover, and mean fewer sick days.”

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