Puffed but good fun

Last night I started the first of my12 sessions with Beth Barron and her team at the Spirit of Sport centre in Burnley which is a fantastic building and is as well equipped as most private gyms. Anyway Beth is a Cardiac Rehabilitation Practitioner and she is super focussed and enthusiastic about the beneficial impact the right exercise can have on cardiac patients.

I walked away threatening to slate the programme, only kidding Beth, let me tell you it is a fantastic programme and is a great follow up to the initial cardiac rehabilitation programme. The instructors are in tune with you and the exercise level is built up over the 12 weeks. I didn’t like the look of the circuit training going on in the main gymnasium however, I don’t think I could have done it before my heart failure never mind after it. Well done Beth and team what a great programme.

This is where Beth is best. It is Burnley’s very own state of the art leisure and health centre. St Peter’s Leisure Centre.