Pumping Marvellous awarded £10k fund for AED‘s in schools AED for Schools

A 10k scoop by Pumping Marvellous having won the race for the Gannett Award. The Gannett Foundation is a charitable foundation associated with the Lancashire Telegraph. We are immensely pleased with such a large sum of money to spend on life saving equipment which is badly needed in the East Lancashire area. We will be working with the North West Ambulance Service through the Chain of Survival Committee which is responsible for coordinating AED mapping. Nick our founder sits on this committee and will ensure that all the AED’s we install will be mapped through the NWAS CPad network. This will ensure that when people dial 999 the emergency operator will be able to direct the responder to the AED. Working with NWAS we will also be working out where to place them from an evidence based incident / risk assessment so that the AED’s give as much accessibility as possible. Every school will also be contracted to leaflet drop within a 1min 30secs radius of the AED location ensuring that everybody knows where these are, increasing awareness. We will also train a set of first responders for each of the schools and provide them with CPR and AED training.

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Please read this as it is important.

On average 12 young people die from a cardiac arrest every week in the UK. Normally we wouldn’t allow this to happen as this equates to two plane crashes a year. By providing hands on only CPR and an AED within four minutes of the incident the person’s survival chances with the combination of treatments is 43% in the UK. The reason for putting the training into schools with an AED is because of the following statement.

Seattle, on the west coast of the US has been training its children in schools with basic lifesaving skills on the curricula for 36yrs. If you collapse within the city limits of Seattle from a cardiac arrest you have an 89% chance of survival. Our case is rested.


Modern AED’s are designed for lay persons, you and me, you can’t get it wrong and they will not shock unless the person is either in ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation.

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