Salt and Prepared Sandwiches

Now you know my views on salt and how important it is to manage this. A Heart Failure patient shouldn’t exceed more than 2g of salt a day.

My family were up in the North East of England for 2 weeks and my routines went a little astray which is not good. I had been see a late night film at the movies /cinema, the A Team actually, brought me back to the 80’s anyway and I felt very peckish driving home at 11.30pm. I needed some bottled water anyway and I stopped off at a famous British Petrol station and looked at the ready made sandwiches and looked at the salt content of the BLT and it was 5.2g!!!!!

So the moral of the story is check the slat/sodium levels in all pre-packed or ready prepared foods. In the news lately the supermarkets have been tackling this problem so it is being addressed.